Renzo thinks a Gracie should represent at UFC Rio…but it won’t be him

Yesterday, the Thug Jitsu Master reminded us about some of the amazing things Brazil has brought to our world–Acai, Guarana soda, Fogo de Chao and Brazilian waxing. Personally, I would add Brazil nuts, Vitor Belfort’s toe sucking video, and Rener and Ryron Gracie to the list of generous gifts Brazil has bestowed upon us.

As amazing as all of those things are, they all pale in comparison to the biggest Brazilian gift ever-the gift of fighting. Vale Tudo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the birth of the UFC are all thanks to the great country of Brazil. To take that even further-much of that is all thanks to the Gracie family. They are really the creators of this sport we all lose our minds over week after week.

So this August, when the UFC goes back to Brazil-back to it’s roots for the first time in forever and a day, it makes perfect sense that a Gracie fight on that card. Renzo Gracie thinks so too and although he won’t be able to fight on the card he thinks someone from the family should. Here’s what he had to say on The MMA Hour this past week:

“I hope Royce fights. To have a Gracie fight there would be great — great for the fans, to have someone from my family fighting. I hoped to do it but I don’t have the time to concentrate to it.”

I couldn’t agree more. UFC in Brazil without a Gracie on the card is like a peanut butter jelly sandwich without the peanut butter. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a throwback style match up complete with gi and speedo, between Royce and Ken Shamrock to avenge that ridiculous draw at UFC 5. [source]

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