MMA Rundown

Reminder: Here’s video of Vitor Belfort on TRT KO-ing Bisping, Rockhold and Hendo with ease

Vitor Belfort high as hell on TRT may be MMA’s greatest physical specimen. Removed from the bothersome human ability to age, TRT Belfort ruled the UFC’s middleweight division for a brief eleven month run in 2013. No longer part of the human gene pool, Belfort referred to himself as a young dinosaur in 2013 and the corrupt sport of human cage fighting was a little bit better for it.

Cheating to get an edge is as old as sports themselves. But the blatant Testosterone Replacement Therapy enhanced Vitor Belfort not only bent the rules to their breaking point, he wasn’t shy about it. As friendly remainder of the power and glory of TRT-Belfort here’s a highlight video where he knocks out Michael Bisping, Luke Rockhold and Dan Henderson all in less the two rounds in a span of eleven months.

Editor’s note: plain old pushing 40 Belfort fights Kelvin Gastelum at UFC Fight Night 106 this weekend

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