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Remember Bethe Correia? She says Ronda Rousey isn’t a saint and she will have her revenge in 2016

Remember Bethe Correia? She says Ronda Rousey isn’t a saint and she will have her revenge in 2016

Maybe it was all part of the plan. After surviving not 14 or 24 seconds with Ronda Rousey, Brazilian Bethe Correia is already planting seeds for a rematch. Correia is the garden you say you’re going to start every spring but all the seeds end up unopened and stored with your Christmas lights.

In attempt to not be the figurative forgotten packet of seeds in the UFC’s women’s bantamweight division Correia is back talking shit about Rousey. Yes, barely two weeks since the Brazilian striker was left for memes on the warm Octagon canvas she is back hounding the Rowdy one. Pro wrestling heels? Correia laughs at you when you break character to sign a sick kid’s autograph.

No matter how many times Correia passes out from blunt force trauma to the skull, she will never break character.

From Correia’s Instagram

“I was extremely criticized and judged by lack of respect due to a bad interpretation of the current champ. All that time I saw the real face of the current champ trying to pose as a saint while she always said publicly that she wanted to make me “have a meeting with Jesus” which was her true intention. The media never gave that much coverage. I’d never would fight anyone with the intention to kill, break their neck which is something there’s no return from. I wouldn’t joke about it, because wanting to kill someone is not caring about the pain their family would feel!

So I tell @rondarousey I’m here and I’ll fight for a rematch in 2016, stronger, more mature, we’ll see each other again!

I wanted to fight you and I got it. I’ll get that chance again and I’ll have my revenge at the right time!”


A photo posted by Bethe (@bethecorreia) on Aug 16, 2015 at 6:35pm PDT

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