UFC/Reebok won’t let Brad Pickett wear his hat to the cage & that’s a tragedy

Brad Pickett Reebok hat

MMA’s chicken or the egg argument involves the UFC and Reebok. Who is more to blame for the current sponsorship hellscape MMA lives in? Brad Pickett gets it.

The former UFC fighter turned trainer is walking out Nathaniel Wood at UFC London this weekend. Seems normal enough. Every MMA fan worth a pound knows that Brad Pickett rocks his signature hat wherever he goes. Mr. Pickett is a gentleman, a scholar, and full of 100% class when he puts on that hat.

If you could pull off Pickett’s hat on a daily basis you would to.

White tank top, a fine pair of pants, some suspenders, and that signature hat is The Pickett.

Thanks to Reebok being pretty much MMA’s biggest, evilest, corporate overlords, Pickett is no longer allowed to wear his hat during any fighter walkouts.

Why? Because reasons. Market research suggests if you see a nice article of clothing paired with some UFC Reebok gear, consumers untrained eyes will not want to buy Reebok.

Yeah, that’s it.

This isn’t the first or last time Reebok will kill fun. Reebok murders fun and the UFC just lets it happen.

Multiple wardrobe malfunctions, a few awkward moments , and a possibly kidnapping of Joe Lauzon.

This is the worst.

Reebok remains the worst.

Let One Punch wear his hat and class up UFC London up a few notches.


Thanks for nothing Reebok. You have done nothing for the UFC, fighters, or the sport of MMA. Nobody likes you. On principle, and against better judgement, everyone in MMA should go give Nike some of their money.

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