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Read the amazing tale of Pedro Arrigoni: BJJ superhero

Read the amazing tale of Pedro Arrigoni: BJJ superhero

Legend has it that it was a typical San Francisco day. The weather was nice, nothing was happening with the SF sports teams, and it was hilly. So many hills, they were everywhere. This didn’t matter for a young Paris Augusta as he hopped the muni turnstyle to skip a fare, he had a bad day and was feeling crazed, too bad the coppers saw him commit this illegal act.

As the police tried to confront Paris about his transgression, the dude turned around and started punching the approaching policeman right in the kisser over and over again. Who would save this cop in danger? Eyewitness accounts tell a story of a man coming from the shadows and taking Paris Augusta from full mount on the officer and into a choke hold where Paris finally stated: ‘I give up, I give up ack’. This man was BJJ instructor Pedro Arrigoni: hero.

“I don’t hit people, I don’t box,”  “I do Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Once you have the guy under your control, you don’t have to do anything more.”

Then he disappeared back into the shadows, never to bee seen again. Except at the BJJ school he teaches at and around town and stuff.


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