Rashad Evans knows Dana White doesn’t like him, and that’s okay

Whenever a job application questions what talents I have, it’s difficult to hold back from disclosing that I know all the words to every song from the Wu-Tang Forever album. One day that’s going to be a recognized skill. I can play Contra really well, that needs to be approved. I can get an extra two cheese sticks when I order six. That’s a talent that has a tasty reward if marinara sauce is involved. I got another talent, I can eat a cheese stick without marinara sauce. On paper, Rashad Evans is far more qualified at getting a title shot than I am, but according to this Ben Fowlkes interview, it appears that Rashad believes Dana White has some undisclosed beef with him.

“The problem is, there’s no governing body to the UFC to decide who gets the title shot. There’s no ranking, so how do I know when I’ll get a title shot again? What, when Dana White likes me enough? It’s basically on when he likes me, and you know as well as I know, that’s not that often. If I get the opportunity to fight for a title because he says so, then I’m going to take it. If I have to wait to take it, I’ll wait to take it.”

Hey, take it easy Evans. I can absolutely assure Rashad that if he compared his MMA career timeline to mine, the chances of him getting a title shot in UFC’s light heavyweight division is about the same as me going on a date with Kristin Kreuk. Basically, I’m saying that Rashad Evans will be in a title bout by the end of the week. [Source]

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