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Rashad Evans + James Brown = 1 awesome UFC 145 promo

Rashad Evans + James Brown = 1 awesome UFC 145 promo

You better believe this article was written while listening to all seven minutes and roughly forty seconds of James Brown’s The Payback. Yes, there were moments where I exploded from my wheelie office chair, sending it flying behind me as I clapped my hands, bit my lower lip and spun (then collected my chair, sat back down and continued to write). The Dead President’s soundtrack taught me about the rawesomeness of James Brown, and I suggest every thirteen year old boy put that album in regular rotation as a rite of passage.

The promos for Rashad Vs. Bones are being released, and last night on TUF the latest debuted featuring Rashad and The Payback, making you wish you were working out in slow motion with a grudge.


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