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Rashad Evans is having trouble sleeping while he prepares for his important fight with Dan Henderson

Rashad Evans is having trouble sleeping while he prepares for his important fight with Dan Henderson

Most of the time when I have trouble sleeping it’s because I’m a big scaredy cat and accidentally watched a movie about people being murdered by mask wearing serial killers at a cabin in the woods after their car stalled out on a deserted road. If I try and go to sleep after that and lay on my usual side with my back facing the door-my brain just refuses to sleep and instead pictures a maniacal killer behind me with an ax held high in the air ready to slash the life out of me the second I roll over and look at him. Instead, I have to lie facing the door-which I hate, but somehow defeats the visions of the lurking, ax-wielding killer. Instead this keeps me awake staring at the dark doorway listening to every strange noise until I can’t take it any longer and have to turn on the lights. Either way, I’m screwed when it comes to getting any sleep the rest of the night.

What keeps Rashad Evans awake at night lately, is a whole different kind of ‘axe’. It is a less bloody and violent ax-but cutting and life altering all the same. According to a recent chat with MMAMAnia, Evans’ sleep preventing thoughts include getting the ax from the UFC.

“This is the type of fight that keeps you up at night, because you want to do well.”

“In the fight business, you’re only as good as your next fight. If you lose two or three then you’re done. My manager Bill Robinson always says, ‘You’re either one fight away from getting a title shot and becoming champion or you’re two losses away from being cut from UFC.'”

“My back is against the wall, and this is when I perform at my best.”

Dana White hasn’t come out and said that he would cut Rashad Evans with a loss to Dan Henderson, but with recent larger name cuts like Jon Fitch happening, it seems this might be something that has many fighters tossing and turning at night while they prepare for upcoming fights. Evans has about two and a half more months to deal with these thoughts while he prepares for his June 15th UFC 161 fight with Dan Henderson. Comforting or not, the reality is that Henderson is likely struggling with the same sleep stealing thoughts himself. [Source]

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