Rashad Evans Calls For Boxing Match With Logan Paul: ‘What He Needs Is A Taste Of Suga’

After making the decision to come out of retirement, Rashad Evans shoots his shot for a bout with Logan Paul

Rashad Evans Logan Paul
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UFC Hall of Famer and former champ Rashad Evans may have only just come out of retirement, but he is gunning for some big fights. Sitting at the top of the list is a boxing match with YouTube boxer Logan Paul.

Evans was not exactly known for his striking during his UFC career, but he did have more than a few knockouts on his record. When he revealed that he was coming out of retirement, it was expected that he returned to the world of MMA, where he made his name.


Instead, it seems that he’s looking for a boxing match with the elder Paul brother, calling him out in a recent interview with TMZ. Here the 41-year old called for a fight the Logan, expressing his desires to KO the YouTuber after his exhibition match with Floyd Mayweather.

“He’s still floating on cloud nine. He didn’t beat Mayweather but he survived with Mayweather, so for him, he’s taking his victory lap. I don’t know what he’s looking for, for his next match, but I’m going to tell you right now what he needs. What he needs is a taste of Suga’. That’s what he needs,” Evans said.

“Hey Logan, listen. You did your thing with Mayweather and that was cute, that was cool, but listen, it’s not going to go like that with me. You’re a big guy, I’m along the same size of you so if we’re going to get it on, we’re going to get it on.

“But here’s the thing, I truly don’t believe Logan is a fighter like that. For him, he’s not going to answer the call like a normal fighter would,” Evans added. “I still think that he’s still making fun out of this, and it’s just a fun thing for him. I truly want to see what kind of competitor he truly is, and see him take the fight.

“I most definitely could knock Logan Paul out, without a doubt. And that’s not even being cocky, that’s just 15 years of fighting in the UFC and doing my thing. I’m just that confident in what I have in these ones and twos.

“It’s one thing to do these exhibition matches, and play tag or what not, It’s another thing to go out there and throw them things. If he’s going to go with me, He’s going to be throwing those things, he’s going to be going with somebody who can hit him back, who can really put some size on him, and is really going to make him work. I’m just not sure if he’s down for that kind of work. Maybe we’re giving him too much credit.”

Do you want to see Rashad Evans fight Logan Paul? How would that boxing match go down?

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