Rashad Evans admits and explains the ‘fake ass white boy’ text he made to Jon Jones

Watch out, this Rashad Evans and Jon Jones beef is getting serious now. Over the weekend, Jon Jones decided to go all Joslyn James on Rashad by releasing some private text messages exchanged between himself and Rashad to post for the interwebz of MMA to see via CagePotato.com. Unfortunately even though Rashad’s contact info is saved in Jones’ phone lovingly as ‘Suga’-there wasn’t any scandalous sexting, threesome requests or Chris Brown style nudey package pictures involved like the Tiger Woods drama. Damn-what a disappoint, just a little bit of smack talk name calling. Here’s the screenshot posted on CagePotato.com:

At first, Rashad came out denying he sent any of the texts but Sunday, he went on MMAWeeklyRadio with Travis McPherson and came clean and explained what calling someone a ‘fake ass whiteboy’ really means. He also talks a bit about the drama around the title shot and even does an impression of his Momma at the very end. Listen and enjoy: 

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