Randy Couture: Francis Ngannou ‘Has Some Serious Concerns’ About UFC Contract

Randy Couture discusses Francis Ngannou's tense relationship with the UFC, and Jake Paul's advocacy for fighter pay

Randy Couture Francis Ngannou
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If there is anybody who understands butting heads with the UFC, it is Randy Couture. He says that he has been in contact with Francis Ngannou, and the heavyweight champ is frustrated with how the promotion is handling him.

Ngannou trains out of Xtreme Couture, so he has a pretty solid relationship with Randy. So naturally, the retired fighter has an idea of how the champ feels, regarding the UFC creating an interim title, and promoting it as if Francis was too busy vacationing to defend his belt.

Speaking in a recent interview, “The Natural” said that he had been talking with Francis, and that he is not happy with the way the UFC is handling things. However Randy says that he hopes Francis sticks to his guns and keeps fighting for his rights as a fighter.

“Yeah, I don’t think Francis was on vacation. In fact, I talked to Francis yesterday. Obviously he has some serious concerns with what they’re doing with his contract, and what the story is,” Couture said.

“I’m hoping he sticks to his guns, and things settle out and work out for him the way they should. He’s earned it and he deserves it.”

Randy Couture Appreciates Jake Paul

Francis Ngannou is just the latest fighter to have frustrations with the UFC over their treatment and pay, to the point that YouTube boxer Jake Paul has been taking shots at Dana White for his treatment of fighters. This is something that has gotten the respect of Randy Couture.

Randy says that he appreciates Jake for standing up to the UFC and speaking out. That being said, he is still hoping to see Tyron Woodley knock out the YouTuber, when they fight on August 29th.

“You’ve got guys like (Jake) Paul poking Dana White (over fighter pay). I think it’s pretty clear what’s going on… He doesn’t do himself any favors with some of the rhetoric that he brings to try to hype these fights. I want to watch Tyron Woodley, just because I want to watch someone punch this kid in the mouth, frankly,” Couture said with a chuckle.

“Tyron has that ability. He’s as athletic as anybody there. I know he’s diligent and he’s doing the work with some great boxing coaches, and he’ll be in shape to be able to go and do what he needs to do, and get it done.

“Of the picks (Jake’s) chosen, this is the guy that is the most dangerous so far. But he’s still picking guys that are wrestlers, that have predominant wrestling backgrounds. He’s not picking pure strikers… so he’s still being very selective in who he picks, I just think he picked the wrong guy this time,” Couture added.

What do you make of these comments from Randy Couture? Will Francis Ngannou be able to work out his differences with the UFC?

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