Randy Couture Caught in the Wild Dressed Like CHACK Liddell

We saw the photos the other day, so we know that Randy Couture went out on the town dressed up like vintage Chuck Liddell, sporting a bit of an extreme mohawk as well as Iceman shorts and gloves. It was an interesting homage to one of his career-defining opponents and had a deeper level of meaning considering the talk of Liddell helping him out with the costume as well.

So, of course, TMZ caught up with Randy Couture while he was out on the town, beers-in-system, to talk to him about his costume. We would like to think that while he might appear to be a bit lubricated, that he was drinking that beer to try to emulate the Chuck Liddell beer belly and to really go all-out with the costume. That or the man felt like imbibing, we aren’t really sure.

It turns out that Chuck gave him the shorts and the gloves, which solves the mystery of how Chuck helped Randy with his Halloween costume. He was still blitzed, though, which really, that seems like the CHACK way.

Take care of yourself, hang in there.

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