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Rampage vs. Rashad confirmed for UFC 114 in Las Vegas

Rampage is the last person I want to accuse me of stealing his food. That conversation would be limited to me screaming ‘NO’ followed by me handing over all of my lunch money to Jackson. Dude isn’t called ‘Tranquil Jackson’, or ‘Passive Aggresive Jackson’. His name is Rampage Jackson and he rocks a chain around his neck like you wear that frat boy puka shell necklace. He doesn’t wear his Hollister hat backwards and refers to everyone as ‘Bro’. No, Rampage rocks other people’s spinal cords. Rampage sort of received his informal request of ‘Black on Black crime’ at UFC 96 (which is like MMA version of ‘I’m Rick James Bitch‘) when he and Evans were slated to be the coach for TUF 10. Instead of fighting Evans at UFC 107, Rampage decided to play the role of B.A. Baracus in The A-Team which makes complete sense for anyone that was raised in the 80s. Today, ZUFFA has confirmed that Evans vs. Rampage will go down at UFC 114 in Las Vegas and they even made a pretty slick promo for it.

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