Rampage Jackson: Conor McGregor Is ‘Good For The Sport,’ But ‘I Need To Slap Some Sense Into’ Him

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson gives his thoughts on Conor McGregor and gives an update on his combat sports return

Rampage Jackson Conor Mcgregor
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Over the last few years, it appears that Conor McGregor has experienced a consistent decline in fandom, based on his antics. While Rampage Jackson agrees that Conor is important for the sport, he thinks the Irishman has gone too far.

Jackson made his name as a bit of a bad boy within the MMA community, especially during his time coaching against Rashad Evans on The Ultimate Fighter. Of course, he was equally known for his comedic side, and his love for pranks, even when they end up being a bit inappropriate.

That being said, he understands the place that someone like McGregor has in the sport, but does feel like the former champ-champ has gone too far. Speaking in a recent interview, the former light heavyweight champion said that he feels like Conor is good for the sport, but that some of his behavior has crossed the line.

“I don’t agree with everything Conor says, but I think he’s great for the sport. You know, at the end of the day he’s an entertainer,” Jackson said.

“In my book, Conor can say and do whatever he wants, but he kind of does stuff that makes himself look bad. I’ve never met the guy, but I’m a fan of Conor McGregor for what he’s done for the sport. I just wish he would chill out on beating up old men. That ain’t right. I need to slap some sense into Conor McGregor for that s—t.”


Rampage Jackson Set To Make A Comeback

Rampage Jackson is 1-3 in his last four, and has not fought since a 2019 TKO loss to Fedor Emelianenko. Despite that, he is planning to return for a pair of fights with Shannon Briggs.

He explained that the two are expected to have a boxing match in December, with an MMA fight expected to follow a few months later. While the contacts are not official, he says that he has signed an official letter of intent for the bout.

“It’s going to be a boxing match, and then he says he wants to wait six months (and fight in MMA). I’m telling him that’s too long. We gotta wait two or three months and then do an MMA fight,” Jackson said.

“We’re trying to set up the fight for December 4th… I signed the paperwork and stuff like that. I think he’s waiting on one of his promotors… We’re also are trying to do a 24/7, A little reality show. I need to show the world that I’m serious and that I’m training hard, that I’m back in shape.

“I’m going, to be honest,” Jackson added. “This guy, for him to be that ugly and that old, he’s very f—king entertaining. He’s fun as hell. This guy is like the boxing version of me, except I’m not as old and ugly as he is.”

The major complaint with the last few fights that Rampage Jackson has had, was that he was incredibly out of shape. So it is good to at least hear him say that he is taking his comeback seriously.

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