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Rampage Jackson actually got his nickname from the old arcade game ‘Rampage’

Rampage Jackson actually got his nickname from the old arcade game ‘Rampage’

Before you read any article today, I want you to know that the most popular radio station in Indonesia is horrible. I just needed to clarify that with everyone before we go on with today’s MMA news. There is nothing redeeming about it and every song makes you feel like you’re about two seconds away from buying ecstasy off some guy in a corner (any corner).

For those that don’t want to read the article and are just here for Rampage Jackson’s Xbox Live name, it’s RampagexUFCx2. He’s a fun guy to play Halo Reach with — not much of a ‘Modern Warfare’ type of guy. Rampage Jackson wasn’t in the first Pride game because executives at Pride were allegedly angry at Jackson due to some comments he made about the organization. Regardless, they still expected Rampage Jackson to promote a game that he wasn’t in. When Pride released their second installment of the game (one that was never released in the US and was mostly limited to coin-op arcades back in Japan), Rampage claimed that the game was horrible and that he only played it once.


However in this new TMZ interview, Rampage Jackson admitted what you probably suspected over the years — he got his name from the old-school arcade game ‘Rampage.’

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