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Rafael dos Anjos sets Milwaukee ablaze, demolishes Anthony

Rafael dos Anjos sets Milwaukee ablaze, demolishes Anthony

What’s gone wrong with the Pettis brothers? That’s what’s on the minds of thousands if not millions of MMA fans around the globe as they witnessed Anthony Pettis get beat up by Rafael dos Anjos for twenty four minutes. To add insult to injury, the youngest Pettis whose name escapes me at the moment also lost and then was kicked in the butt. It is a dark day for Milwaukee (the good land), a day that will live in infamy. What does Benjamin Askren think? What does Phil Brooks, AKA Siem Punk think of his new gymmates?

What will happen to Duke Roufus’ immaculate reputation now that his fighter, and surrogate son in Tony Pettis of a lack of vision since the first round? Vision loss or not, RDA poured it on Pettis and didn’t give him an inch. It was a gameplan made out of the skin of a thousand acai berries and the punching power of an unsustainable Brazilian metropolitan expansion. RDA poured himself all over Anthony. 

All over Anthony. 

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