Rafael Dos Anjos Claims Colby Covington Is Just Bad Version Of Conor McGregor

It looks like Rafael dos Anjos is very experienced when it comes to fighting trash-talkers. Despite Rafael dos Anjos and Conor McGregor never faced, their media war was pretty known before dos Anjos had to withdraw from the fight due to a broken foot. Don’t worry, the famous Irishman was bragging various things about it for a very long period of time.

Rafael dos Anjos knew what is he getting into when he decided to accept UFC 225 fight versus Colby Covington. We hope the UFC Welterweight Interim Title shot will be a fight you would like to watch. Well, Rafael dos Anjos is not impressed with many things he has about his “lovely rival”. The two had a very interesting altercation. (via MMAFighting.com)

“I grew up in Brazil in the favelas, man. Bullies, trash talking, doesn’t work with me,” dos Anjos said Thursday on a heated UFC 225 media conference call. “But I think Colby, he’s just trying [to be Conor McGregor]. Conor does it well. Conor, he’s a rich man, he makes a lot of money. He’s a businessman, and I can respect that. But Colby, he’s just a worse version of Conor McGregor. He’s trying to be like Conor, but when he loses to me, his career is done. All he has is talk, nothing else.”

“Dude, you don’t believe one word that’s coming out of your mouth, Ralphie,” Covington shot back. “Let’s be honest, you ain’t teaching me sh*t. I’ve been to Brazil more than you’ve been there. You live in America, land of the free and home of the brave.”

“That’s a Conor McGregor joke,” dos Anjos responded. “That’s Conor McGregor’s joke, man. You’ve got to create something new. … You’re so fake, bro. You’re so fake. I’m about to be a legend, man, getting two belts. You’re so fake. You say you’re going to say something to Joe Rogan’s face? You say nothing when you see people face-to-face, man. You’re a fraud. You just look at your phone, man. You just bow your head. You just bow your head down and not even look around, man. You don’t even look around.”

“Yeah, because I’m professional fighter,” Covington replied.

“Nah, you’re nothing,” dos Anjos said. “You’re fake. If you’re trying to be a bad guy, you’ve got to be a bad guy all the time. You’re trying to be a bad guy, man. You’ve got to be a bad guy all the time. Don’t be fake.”

“I ain’t fake,” Covington responded. “I’m as real as they come.”

“You’re not. You’re a little p*ssy,” dos Anjos replied. “That’s what you are. You know you are.”

The former champ, Rafael dos Anjos, is hoping to secure UFC Welterweight belt after a successful streak of 3 wins versus Robbie Lawler, Neil Magny, and Tarec Saffiedine. He will have a hard task since he has to defeat Colby Covington, who is also on a hot streak, with 5 victories in a row. His last victory was against Demian Maia via decision.

However, Covington continued to attack Rafael dos Anjos and his home country of Brazil. The two simply couldn’t stop insulting each other at Thursday call. Rafael dos Anjos even insisted that he won’t let these provocations affect his approach.

“I’m a cold-blooded fighter. I have no emotions,” dos Anjos said.

“Once I step in that cage, I’m just going to think about making that guy quit. Hurt him. Nothing else. Cold-blooded, always.”

As their showdown continued, Rafael dos Anjos noticed the difference between Covington’s online behavior and real-life behavior. RDA mentioned the UFC’s 25th Anniversary press conference in April, where Covington nearly ignored Kamaru Usman’s attempts to confront him.

“Everybody saw him at media day in New York. When he sees people, he just sticks on his phone and he doesn’t even look around,” dos Anjos said. “This guy’s so fake. When he’s on the phone, he grows his balls. But on fight night, his balls shrink. I’m going to expose him.”

“You honestly don’t believe anything you say, Ralphie,” Covington shot back. “Let’s be honest, you’ve been ducking this fight since Singapore (in June 2017). We were supposed to fight in Singapore and that’s why you got moved below me on the card because you didn’t want to fight me. You said, ‘Oh, Colby, I had to Google you to find out who you are.’ Google me now, b*tch.”

“Hey, little boy,” dos Anjos interrupted. “I’ll fight you next week.”

What do you think, is Rafael dos Anjos going to stop Covington’s hot streak?

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