Rafael dos Anjos becomes the first man to knock out Ben Henderson, Twitter reacts

I’m convinced that the collective tired energy of everyone watching these fights willed the final three matches to end in short, violent manners. Hell, perhaps it was God’s will? Jesus indeed flowed through Rafael dos Anjos tonight, he put it on Benson Henderson to a degree no one not named Anthony Pettis has ever done. RDA pushed the pace, throwing crisp bombs of strikes that wouldn’t allow Benson to scruff his nose and wipe his hair back in dissatisfaction. It seemed like this was the best gameplan, because it kept Benson on his heels and unable to do anything but survive. Somewhere, Khabib is smiling.

This performance also could’ve come because of Benson’s braided hair and lack of mustache. Everyone knows that if Benson braids his hair there is a Samson effect. Hopefully he never does it again. 

And so ends a very fun, but very long night of fights in which we saw 7 finishes and 3 decisions. Not bad. Not bad at all dual UFC show day. 

We’ll get you a replay as soon as possible. For now, look at Twitter’s response:

What do you think, was it an early stoppage?


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