Q and A with Josh Barnett

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Today I was lucky enough to catch the live chat with Josh Barnett and I was able to get in a few questions amongst the many others that were being asked of him. Unfortunately, as usual, you get the occasional idiot asking how it felt to get kneed in the groin by Mighty Mo. Clearly this was probably the obese, hot pocket eating know-it-all who “tranes UFC” and owns every piece of sparing equipment on MMAHQ, yet has never used it. He can regurgitate random stats and improper pronunciations of submissions but he clearly hasn’t left his desk except to answer the door for A&E’s Hoarders.

Now back to Josh Barnett. Take a look at some excerpts from Josh’s live chat today and stuff your face with processed food in anticipation of the SF Heavyweight GP Semi-Finals.

Read the Q n A…

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