Proof that trying to spar too rough with Wanderlei Silva is a horrible idea

In the world of horrible ideas, there are: ideas that will so obviously place you in a hospital while doctors try to reattach your right arm to your body as your torso convulses in absolute shock, and then there’s trying to spar too rough with Wanderlei Silva. You will find yourself absolutely humiliated in both scenarios, but with the latter, there’s no guarantee that your limbs will be connected to your body. You will just be stuck with a mouthful of regret and irreversible bodily damage. Leave it to a sixteen-year-old kid to test Wanderlei Silva in the gym and reap a collection of bruises and cuts. One of Cagepotato’s readers captured this video yesterday of some kid getting entirely too familiar with The Axe Murderer in the striking department which resulted in a monumental beating in front of his peers. [Source]

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