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“Prince” Naseem Hamed Completely Verbally Destroys Chris Eubank Jr. After Loss

“Prince” Naseem Hamed Completely Verbally Destroys Chris Eubank Jr. After Loss

If you thought the crew on UFC’s post-fight show went a bit too hard, you aren’t prepared for the real talk being thrown around after Chris Eubank Jr.’s lost to George Groves.

Prince Naseem Hamed went after Chris Eubank, Jr. with no regard for human life.


Of course, “Prince” Naseem Hamed is famous for being the featherweight champion of the world for almost a decade, knocking people out in silly fashion, and going to jail after hospitalizing some people while crashing a half a million dollar Mercedes Benz. So, I feel like no one in the world is more qualified to comment on having the proper attributes to be a boxing superstar.

So when you hear Prince Naz say that Eubank needs to retire or fight him, know that “Prince” thinks he can win that fight.

This is actually the continuation of a much longer Eubank Sr./Naz feud that is probably best explained by the poet himself Chris Eubank, Sr. The whole beef between Eubank is a deep, confusing, and twisted tale best broken down in this collection of film.


If you missed the Groves/Eubank fight, watch it in its entirety here:


Let it never be said that boxing doesn’t understand pageantry. That opening 25 minutes was Pride level hype. Jesus, I wish more MMA was presented like this.

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