Pride version Wandy vs. UFC version Wandy is possible in the new UFC Undisputed game

The death of Pride is highly exaggerated. It lives in the hearts of thousands of undying fanboys across the world. It can be seen in people’s blind following of every fighter that has emerged from Pride FC, regardless of skill level. Pride is no longer a defunct MMA organization. It’s a culture. It’s a way to perceive one’s world and in THQ’s new installment of UFC Undisputed, Pride FC will inhabit the inside of your video game console of choice. Check out this excerpt from Joystiq’s pre-E3 preview.

“Adding in the new defunct Pride Fighting Championship and World Extreme Cagefighting rosters. Both fighting organizations have now merged with the UFC in real life, but here in this title, THQ plans to give them a place to live on virtually.”

“The Pride mode’s implementation is impressive — not only does the game include all of the old fighters (including Pride versions of current UFC fighters, completely separate, so you can fight Pride Rampage Jackson against his more modern UFC counterpart), but old Pride arenas and the old Pride ruleset is included as well. Why? Because sometimes, you should be able to kick someone in the head when they’re down, right?”

Above all else, this new Pride mode means that we can finally see what Wallid Ismail vs. Ryan Gracie would have finally looked like. Let’s just hope PePe Beach will be included in the new arenas. [Source]

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