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Prangley vs. Amoussou going down at Strikeforce Challengers VI

Prangley vs. Amoussou going down at Strikeforce Challengers VI

I’m going to go out on a limb a say Prangley vs. Amoussou will be fight of the year. I don’t know where this limb is nor do I know how high it is. I don’t know if it accepts the weight of an adult or will I have to take a taxi to get there. Regardless, I’m finding that limb…and I’m going out on it. I’m assuming this limb belongs to a tree, in which case I’m familiar with going out on limbs. I used to do it all the time when I was a kid. If this limb belongs to a giant, it will be very unfamiliar to me. I may have to to pretend like I know what I’m doing when I go out on it but when I get there, I’m there. Prangley vs. Amoussou will be fight of the year, regardless of the location of this limb.

If you haven’t heard of Karl ‘Psycho’ Amoussou, just imagine scientists create a blender that would combine Prime Wanderlei Silva, Prime Vitor Belfort, a Prime Rib and that ‘Rage’ virus from 28 Days Later. Set it on puree, let it sit outside on your patio for a couple days . When you see a 5’11” Frenchman round-kicking your bird feeder, you will know that your job is done.

Dude has a record of 11-2-1 with seven of those wins coming via submission and three coming from absolutely horrific KOs. Knockouts that you would see in a teaser trailer of a Wes Craven movie. In fact, Amoussou’s last KO victory consisted of a flying knee where he literally launches from one end of the ring to the next and drops Kazuhiro Hamanaka in just twenty-three seconds. He’s already been called the next Wanderlei Silva and on February 26 we get to see him flip out on the former Bodog Middleweight, MFC Light Heavyweight and Shark Fights Light Heavyweight champion, Trevor Prangley. For some reason that Mark Pavelich can only answer, Prangley was stripped of his MFC belt and kicked out of the organization. Actually, Prangley was kicked right into Shark Fights and rear naked choked his way into another belt.

Sarah Kaufman will also bang against Takayo Hashi in a fight that has been pushed back more times than my functional alcoholic neighbor’s dignity on a Friday night. The Sarah Kaufman bandwagon already passed by your neighborhood June 20th 2009. If you didn’t hop aboard. you’re just going to have to observe her rawesomeness at a distance like everyone else (you had your chance). [Source]

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