Santiago Ponzinibbio States He’d Knock Out Colby Covington if they Fought

Santiago Ponzinibbio wants to fight Colby Covington and believes that if they fought, he would knock him out, although he's a great fighter.

Image of Santiago Ponzinibbio via Twitter
Image of Santiago Ponzinibbio via Twitter

Santiago Ponzinibbio has had a long layoff from fighting inside of the UFC octagon. Although he hasn’t fought since 2019, Ponzinibbio is looking to dive back into the welterweight division headfirst with a high profile matchup against Colby Covington. In fact, Santiago is saying that he would knockout Covington if they ever fought. 

Some things in life are undeniable without question. The sky is blue, taxes must be paid, and Colby Covington hates the majority of his former teammates. The former American Top Team member has now branched away from the facilities and started his own fight team for individualized training. Now that Covington is away from ATT, he also believes that he is free to speak how he wants without any repercussions. 

Ponzinibbio on Facing Colby Covington

Ponzinibbio recently spoke to the media about Covington. During the conversation, he revealed that he doesn’t have any hatred for Colby. However, he believes that he would knock him out if they ever fought each other. 

“Friendship we never had.I did train with him, but never friendship. I have nothing against him. He was never really my friend. We did share trainings a few times because we shared the same coach, Mike Brown. So we shared coach, and we would sometimes get together with Mikey and share a class, but nothing more than that,” he said.

“It was always work and professionalism and nothing more. I think he’s a great athlete. He’s a top guy in the division, and that’s a fight that would interest me. I think it’s a good matchup for me, and I think I’d knock him out and win. It’s a fight that interests me a lot.”

Making the Fight 

Currently, Covington is the #1 ranked welterweight contender in the UFC rankings. Furthermore, Ponzinibbio is currently unranked due to inactivity from injury. However, it’s well-known that he has an elite skill set that’s deserving of a number next to his name. 

WIll Ponzinibbio actually get the fight against Colby? Probably not, as Covington has title shot aspirations. However, Colby is not known as the kind of fighter that turns down fights.

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