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(Video) Dustin Poirier Trained with Joshua Fabia before UFC 264 Fight Against Conor McGregor

Recently, a video re-surfaced of Dustin Poirier training with a notorious self awareness guru in Joshua Fabia, who led to the demise of Diego Sanchez

(Video) Dustin Poirier Trained with Joshua Fabia before UFC 264 Fight Against Conor McGregor

A new video has surfaced of Dustin Poirier allegedly training with former Diego Sanchez guru Joshua Fabia. However, the footage has not confirmed Fabia’s identity, which is likely but hasn’t been confirmed. 

 We reported that the UFC cut Diego Sanchez from a credible source close to the UFC in April. Since the initial reports. We learned the scary details that led up to Diego’s exit. According to sources, the UFC has been trying to cut Sanchez for weeks before his release. However,  Joshua Fabia, Diego’s former head coach, had a stronghold over Sanchez’s decision-making, almost as strong as a power of attorney. 

Video of Poirier Training with Joshua Fabia

The news scared fans of the MMA community who were fans of Diego. As well as coaches, fighters, and even UFC President Dana White. The majority of the community believe that Fabia’s unorthodox teachings were a danger to any soldier who would be listening to their teachings. 

This is why it’s strange to learn that a championship-level fighter as headstrong as Poirier allegedly trained with Fabia before his third fight with Conor McGregor at UFC 264.

The clip is edited. Yet, it shows Poirier and Fabia (allegedly) working on various movement techniques, similar to his teachings with Sanchez. Fabia and a member of MMA Twitter posted the video to the official “School of Self Awareness” Instagram account, which Fabia owns. 

“Best of luck Dustin Poirier. Just do you and make Conor McGregor lose control of himself. You got this,” captioned the post.

The Aftermath

The video also eluded Fabia traveling to American Top Team, where Poirier is a long-time member. Comments on the post were turned off so that nobody could reflect on the video.

With the video more than likely being Fabia, the footage would prove that Joshua has something positive to offer the MMA community. What do fans think about the video of Poirier and Fabia?

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