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Please don’t forget Michihiro Omigawa fights this weekend

Please don’t forget Michihiro Omigawa fights this weekend

Let people call you dumb, let them call you an obnoxious moron, let people call you a waste of genetic space but whatever you do…don’t let them call you late for Sengoku XI. It goes down at 2am on November 7th live on HDNet and it features the only guy that has successfully slammed Fedor directly on his head only to be submitted seconds later, Kevin Randleman. We also get to see Michihiro Omigawa bang against Hatsu Hioki. 

If you were like me and up until 137,450 am in the morning to watch Sengoku 8 on HDnet then you witnessed possibly the rawest Japanese fighter since Shinya Aoki. Dude’s 6-7-1 and he dominated LC Davis at Sengoku 7. He also looks like he would be the direct offspring if Manny Paquiao had unprotected sex with a Carebear.

At Sengoku 8, they played a promo of him just screaming into the camera before his fight. If my English translation from broken English translation from Japanese translation is correct, before the fight he basically said ‘F*** all of you who think I’m going to lose this fight’ which was heard by the entire audience at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium. After he won, he got on the mic and said he should get paid more money. Rawesome. If I were ever to assemble a team of X-men, this guy would be my second or third pick. At Sengoku 9 he made an announcement apologizing for his Sengoku 8 outburst and to let everyone know he’s too raw for his own good. Sengoku XI, Friday night/Saturday morning on HDNet. Consider it your MMA appetizer before Strikeforce: Rogers vs. Fedor. [Source]


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