Paddy Pimblett Taps Jordan Leavitt In The Second Round – UFC London Results (Highlights)

Pimblett remained undefeated in the UFC with a second-round submission victory over Leavitt at UFC London.

Paddy Pimblett

A lightweight bout between Paddy Pimblett and Jordan Leavitt is taking place now (Saturday, July 23, 2022) at UFC London.

Round 1

Pimblett pressures forward. Leavitt shoots and has Pimblett against the fence. Pimblett goes down but is back to his feet. Leavitt raises Pimblett up and puts him down but Pimblett has his neck on the ground. Pimblett adjusts and is trying to lock in the guillotine. Leavitt gets out and is now on top, but Pimblett gets back to his feet. Pimblett jumps the guillotine but Leavitt gets out and continues to control Pimblett. Pimblett is struggling to get out but does land a few elbows. Pimblett eventually gets out and eats a teep kick. Pimblett attempts his own kick and gets Leavitt down as he looks to get the choke. Pimblett takes Leavitt’s back and lands a few strikes but the round ends.

Round 2

More striking early on here. Both fighters are exchanging strikes. Leavitt eventually shoots for the single and has Pimblett against the fence. Pimblett lands an elbow but Leavitt is still on him. Pimblett is attempting a head and arm choke and lands a big knee on Leavitt! Pimblett takes his back and Leavitt’s right arm trapped! Pimblett eventually sinks in the rear naked choke and gets the tap!

Official Result: Paddy Pimblett defeats Jordan Leavitt via submission (R2, 2:46).

Check out the highlights below:

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