Pics and Video: The very best online reactions to the Alistair Overeem KO

If there’s anything as good as a fight; it’s the aftermath of a fight. MMA fans usually spend a few days shell shocked, scratching our heads, asking ‘what’s next ?’, ‘What if that strike landed ?’, ‘What if they did this instead ?’

MMA math just never seems to equate

Thankfully we don’t have to dwell on these existential questions for too long; at this point we’ve watched the promo for next week’s fight and we’ve started getting ourselves excited for the next brawl.

There’s also light hearted moments throughout this existential crisis period during which the jokesters and pranksters flourish.

Take some time to check out some of the best memes about Alistair Overeem. I know it’s not really right to laugh but this is MMA

H/T to @BossLogic for the main Street Fighter edit. Check out his work here.

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