Pics: Nick Diaz has a crazy stalker on social media, we’ve found her and can’t look away

Hey, want to go down a 209 foot rabbit hole with us? The MMA Internet is a very big place and a Nick Diaz shaped section of the dark net exists just below the lowest cannabis smoke layer. Once you find yourself in this layer of internet it’s hard to dig yourself out of it.

Before we get stuck in ether, our final message to the world is this: Nick Diaz has an amazing, crazy, fascinating or potentially dangerous stalker on social media. You really need to read these rambling comment speeches and if anything ever happens to us, you know who done it. To save the trouble of clicking on any random older Diaz brother post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, here is the alleged and rightfully labeled “Diaz Stalker” in all her glory.

You know what, now would be okay time to be scared homie.

H/T to @FitnessByBlue for the find

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