Pics: Michael Venom Page is waging a meme war on Paul Daley, Bellator needs this fight

Bellator needs this fight. For all his flash without opponents of substance, Michael Venom Page is one of Bellator’s few organic superstars. Despite beating up and recycling a Campbell’s factory of canned opposition, MVP is a man with all the intangibles a promoter looks for.

Now, thanks to Paul Daley, the MMA world has a match-up for MVP that everyone is interested in seeing. Don’t screw this one up Bellator. MVP and Daley are natural rivals with the potential of giving Bellator a homegrown rivalry the likes it has never seen before.

Ever since the pull-apart brawl between MVP and Daley at the last UK Bellator event, the human highlight reel has been on an endless march of clowning his older rival. Michael Venom Page is going all-in on Paul Daley, nonstop, and we don’t want him to stop with the meme attack until these two Britts are locked in the cage with each other.

The face you make when someone calls you a "Pussy" after getting an ass whooping #Paula

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#Paula ……. #Paula …….

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Who remembers the youngers in school that would do this ? #Paula

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When you catch man slippin outside a fancy dress party. #Paula #Whoopigoldberg #Tampax

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