Pics: KSW signs 6’8, 280 lb bodybuilder Martyn Ford to fight MMA

Marytn Ford MMA

Where’s that GIF of Vince McMahon having a massive orgasm then falling over in his chair? Martyn Ford may be MMA and pro wrestling promoter’s new wet dream.

“Okay Google, define sex” *just reads us Martyn Ford’s possibly made up Wikipedia bio*.

If Pride Fighting Championship had an adopted foreign exchange brother it would be Poland’s KSW. The thing is KSW may now be cooler than Pride.

It’s blasphemy to say or even type this but KSW was once just trying to be the spiritual successor to Pride but now it is trying to lap its older, wiser sibling.

If you loved Pride, missed Pride or have only read about Pride, you have to check out what KSW is doing in Europe. For the last few years the company has hit its stride while selling out massive venues, think 50k plus, and building its own KSW identity.

It’s a beautiful thing to watch really. KSW is making MMA fun again. Freak show fights, awesome promotional posters, grand entrances and cultivating some real life European MMA talents are just some of the boxes they have checked.

This isn’t algebra, doing your taxes or ready word for the instructional manual on how to build a sturdy but unexciting shelf. MMA has always meant to be sports entertainment not just two randoms fighting with no backstory or for the purpose of some boring ass rankings. It’s hard to make human cage fighting boring and uninteresting but week in and week out some of the biggest promotions in the sport manage to do just that.

Weird is compelling and KSW embraces the strange edges of our favorite combat sport.

In typical KSW fashion, they signed famous bodybuilder, actor and physical specimen Martyn Ford to a fight contract. Who cares if Ford can fight but we will pay to find out.

Win or lose, KSW has our attention and in a crowded MMA landscape, filled with fights every damn weekend, that in itself deserves some measure of praise. Now let’s watch that big dude with muscles punch another big dude with muscles live from Poland in 2019.

H/T to @KeithGalvin for the pic

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