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Pics: During weight cut Alexa Grasso and Felice Herrig are having a best abs in MMA contest

No matter how many sit-ups you did today, you will never be at a “MMA fighter cutting weight” abs status. After looking at the new pictures of Alexa Grasso and Felice Herrig on their way down to strawweight, you will poke at your own belly muscles in disapproval. Why? How? Come on abs?!?!

At UFC Houston this weekend, Alexa Grasso and Felice Herrig step into the co-main event slot of the card, with the winner moving up in the UFC 115 pound ranks. Huge fight for the unbeaten Grasso, massive fight for the vet Herrig and inhuman ab muscles as both fighters have showcased on social media throughout the week.

Physical fitness? You’re the real MVP.

Starting to feel that " too skinny " feel but I still have lots of energy and feel strong. To most people who don't know the sport they would say things like " ewww too skinny. Eat something " but that's the thing about this sport. You do what you have to do to make weight. And I try and do it in the most healthy way I possibly can. I train hard and eat right without starving myself. But, yes the scale does have to say 116 when I step on it. So the last few days I do have to eat very little and cut water. It is one of the hardest parts of this sport. It is not something myself or any other fighter does by choice or for aesthetic purposes. To me there are 2 fights before the actual fight 1- the grueling training camp 2- the weight cut and then there is the fight itself. I hope people stop to educate themselves on the sport of mma before making comments like " ewww too skinny " Call it what it really is- hard work, discipline and dedication

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👍😎 Lista para dormir!! #LoboMMA #TeamGrasso #UFCHouston

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