Pic: Young Stipe Miocic Voted Most Likely to Become a Firefighting UFC Champion Badass

God forbid any of you ever have a house fire, but if it ever happened then you know you’d want UFC Heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic busting through your door like Stone Cold Steve Austin. I’ve never seen Miocic actually put out a burning building, but I assume the flames simply run away and no water is involved. Of course, then you get to drink Stipeweisers.

I mean look at this guy. He’s a full-time firefighter and a full-time asswhoopin’ asswhooper (as Nate Diaz would say). He must have been as dedicated as young Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson. Surely, the only flame he can not put out is the fire he has placed in all of our hearts. Did Miocic know he was predisposed to greatness back in high school?

Stare at this old picture of the handsome champ until you find your answer. …The clue is in the eyes.


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