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Pic: Ummm which WSOF champion sold his belt to a pawn shop in Vegas?

Pic: Ummm which WSOF champion sold his belt to a pawn shop in Vegas?

Who wants to be a fucking World Series of Fighting Champion? We all kind of vaguely remember watching WSOF fights over the course of the last five years, well now you to can become a WSOF champion if you go to the right pawn shop.

In researching this “World Series of” topic we typed in “World Series of” into the old Wikipedia machine and were met with World Series of Beer Pong, World Series of Snooker, World Series of Darts, World Series of Poker bracelet, World Series of Snooker 2008/2009 before WSOF was even an option/result.

So this puts into perspective where exactly the WSOF is on the sports landscape.

The WSOF actually held ten events in 2016 and only one in 2017. We don’t know much about WSOF but they helped the UFC find Marlon Moraes and Justin Gaethje, so a hat tip to them.

In 2018, the WSOF will turn into the Professional Fighters League (PFL) and insteade of trying to piggyback off MLB’s World Series, they are now going with an even more vague, more generic form of MMA branding. PFL? Okay then.

From a pawn shop in Las Vegas, someone from the WSOF sold their championship belt and a fan bought it. Bless this sport called MMA.

The pictures say it’s the welterweight WSOF belt and the promotion has only had three 170 pound champs in it’s five year run. Steve Carl, Rousimar Palhares or Jon Fitch, please come forward and explain why you pawned off this piece of WSOF promotional history. A single tear just rolled down Ray Sefo’s cheek and now we know why.

Huge H/T to Oscar “The Grouch” Avila for the find

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