Pic: Sage Northcutt still has to lose 10 pounds off his body

Sage Northcutt weight

LOL remember when Sage Northcutt fought at 155 pounds? Today Super Sage weighs 181.5 pounds for his 170 pound fight this weekend.

Somehow, someway Sage is going to drain his body of 10 more pounds. If there ever was a case to ban massive weight cuts, or weight cutting all together, Sage is ‘patient A’.

How about instead of weight classes, MAM has weight ranges? Or how about Sage Northcutt and Zak Ottow just have a handshake agreement to weigh roughly the same?

Let Sage live. Let our dude fight at 100% muscle mass and likely negative 5% body fat. (We did check his body fat percentage with this cool awesome calculator https://tdeecalculator.org/)

Also this picture from yesterday (Jul. 9)

Why? How?

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