Pic: Sabah Homasi has a huge cut and we can now see his brain tissue thanks to Tim Means

Before UFC 202 most people didn’t know who Sabah Homasi was. Now Sabah Homasi and that freakishly large gash on his forehead are someone we want to know. Can we buy a drink for Sabah Homasi’s huge ass blade job?

Can’t stop looking at that flesh wound.

Homasi stepped in on short notice to battle Tim Means on the opening fight of the UFC 202 and both men put on a tremendous show. Means got an impressive victory and Homasi solidified his spot on the UFC’s roster but the real star of the UFC 202 opener is the monster eye that has sprouted up on Homasi’s hairline. Homasi’s bloody lesion needs its own show on Fight Pass ASAP.

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