Pic of Mayweather literally punching snot out of McGregor’s nose proves Mystic Mac is a tough SOB

Heart Of Mystic Mac

Conor McGregor is the essence of mixed martial arts. If Mystic Mac were to look in the mirror on Saturday night a reflection of BJ Penn, Fedor and Sakuraba would be staring right back at 29-year-old Irish prize fighter.

Dare to chase greatness. Climb the mountain tops that others have even mapped out yet. The UFC’s biggest star and pay-per-view draw wants to step in the boxing ring to face a 49-0 sweet science wizard? Those long-shot odds are what we love about the sport of MMA. In contrast to the sport of boxing which gives so much weight to the zero at the end of your record, MMA fighters are embraced and propped up for their imperfections.

This picture of Floyd Mayweather punching the piss (snot) out of McGregor further proves the Las Vegas odds makers for this MMA vs. boxing crossover bout were overwhelmingly correct.

Even though McGregor probably didn’t belong in the ring with one of the greatest boxers ever, the Fight Gods rewarded with more fame and fortune in defeat than he could think to achieve in UFC victory. No pundit will question the heart of Mystic Mac again after his one-night attempt to do the unthinkable.

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