MMA Rundown

Pic: Nick & Nate Diaz’s marijuana prerolls wins best product award at 2017 Cannabis Cup

Nick & Nate Diaz’s marijuana prerolls are about that life. Nick Diaz, Nate Diaz and the 2017 HIGH TIMES NorCal Cannabis Cup is probably the biggest story of MMA over the weekend.

Whatever winners & losers, report card grades or star rating UFC 212 received now have to drift off into the smoke at the news of the Diaz Brothers weed products competing for awards and shit.

Long after the Stockton ninjas have left the game of mixed martial arts their legacy in life will be cemented by the brother opening a California dispensary or by Nick & Nate Diaz’s marijuana prerolls. Inhale it all in, a Diaz brothers marijuana product just took first place at a Cannabis Cup event.


1st Place: California’s Finest / Nick & Nate Diaz / Synergy

2nd Place: Brass Knuckles X Los Angeles Kush X LAK Extracts

3rd Place: The Soil King

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