Pic: Mitchell Chamale says Bellator made fighters use cardboard boxes as warm-up mats

Bellator VIP

Look we get Bellator sometimes throws together events at NASCAR races. We understand these cards are not promoted the same as other SpikeForce shows.

And sure Bellator, is owned by Viacom but only gets a fraction of their gigantic budget but still. What the fuck is going on here?

Did Better-a-tor really not provide warm-up mats for their recent Florida NASCAR four fight card? According to Tampa, Florida bantamweight Mitchell Chamale the promotion did the bare minimum. Actually Bellator did less than average and instead of official warm-up mats, fighters had to prep on cardboard boxes.

Come on. Are you serious? Somewhere the late great Kimbo Slice is shaking his head at his former promo, even his backyard fights apparently had better working conditions then whatever hell MMA’s number two promotion is doing here. SMH.

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