Pic: In 3rd grade Alistair Overeem was voted most likely to evolve into an Uber Reem

Within the pages of MMA’s Yearbook it’s still difficult to contain the aura of a young Alistair Overeem. Pre-middle school Overeem would roam the halls of his school like a normal student but on the inside an Uber core pulsed inside him. Just look at this old school Overeem picture from when he was in grade school and try not to predict great things for the young Demolition Boy (Man).

A Strikeforce Heavyweight Championship and a DREAM Heavyweight Championship already hanging above his fireplace, present day Alistair Overeem has a chance to become an UFC champion if he knocks Stipe Miocic into a time warp at UFC 203 next month. Until that day comes, look into the eyes of Young Reem who daydreamed about a future career where he knocked out folks in MMA and kickboxing just for fun.

H/T @ThePeoplesMMA for the uber find

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