MMA Rundown

Pic: Forget the Gracie bros, Joe Lauzon just dragged out the best MMA-United Airlines joke

Fuck United Airlines. And thank you Joe Lauzon. We’ve all heard the story of the week, where United Airlines brought out four cops to drag a paying customer off one of their intentionally overbooked flights.

The story was so big that the Gracie Brothers attempted to monetize it through one of their signature Gracie Breakdown videos. Laughs and clicks were had as the Gracie Brothers made light (cashed in) on a topical news item.

Enter UFC Bonus machine Joe Lauzon, who doesn’t want your money but just wants to play video games, get in bloody MMA fights and occasionally crack jokes on social media. With an assist from fellow UFC vet Jim Miller, here is Lauzon’s contribution to the never-ending train of MMA to Unite d Airline jokes, videos, photo shops, gifs, snaps and or memes.

Amazing. @jimmiller_155 #unitedairlines

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