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Pic: During her fight, Danielle Hobeika got her foot caught in the cage and the results are horrifying

Oh My God what happened to your foot Danielle Hobeika?!?! Why did this happen? What did that cage do to your foot? Why did we post this mangled foot and why can’t we stop looking at it?

Over the weekend Danielle Hobeika fought Amanda Asprion at a MMA show in San Diego. The fight was going on as normal with some good striking exchanges and some human chess work on the ground. Then in the second round, Danielle Hobeika’s foot was attacked by an angry and possibly very hungry MMA cage.

This MMA cage has a fetish for human flesh and the result was Hobeika’s foot got chopped all the way down to the tendon. Gross! Cool? Just look and hug your own foot if you can to give thanks that a cage did not to try feast on it.

For comparison’s sake, here is Danielle Hobeika’s foot when the cage monster is not trying to consume it

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Thanks to MarQ P for the awesome yet gross find

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