Pic: Cody Garbrandt Shaves His Beard, And Should Immediately Regret It

Cody Garbrandt with a clean shaven face. It’s a phrase I’d never really given much thought to. Most guys who get tattoos on their necks tend to rock at least a five o’clock shadow. But it seems like Cody decided to clean up a little bit.


Holy shit. The Super Trooper mustache is the perfect touch. It really brings out the Midwest in Cody.

Call me conspiratorial, but I have the sneaking suspicious this look might have been prompted by his wife to be. Trust me. All bad grooming decisions are prompted by long term girlfriends. Plus, I can’t help but noticed Matthew Kline Kader (AKA @ShallowKing) is clean shaven as fuck. Just sayin’.

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