MMA Rundown

Pic: All the feels. Holly Holm and Bethe Correia share a sauna, cut weight together before their fight

Fighters that cut weight together, stay together. When former Rousey rivals Holly Holm and Bethe Correia were booked for a fight on an early morning UFC Fight Pass from Singapore, the world sort of shrugged. A former champion and a former shit talking title challenger are the main event of a Fight Pass card and it was all kinds of meh.

Then Holm and Correia had some pretty good fight week face-offs but more importantly they were caught in a sauna together cutting weight like a couple of BFFs. You know what? Screw kayfabe and protecting UFC writers predetermined storylines for this fight. If Holly Holm and Bethe Correia want to be friends, a simple cage fight should not come between this budding relationship.

Heart hands in the name of friendship AND sportsmanship.