Pic: Alistair Overeem visits Takayama, Hiromitsu Kanehara in the hospital, here’s how you can donate

Alistair Overeem respects the game. What happens to fighters when they are done fighting? The first generation of Pride and UFC fighters are now reaching the senior living age and nobody wants to talk about the old, battered elephants in the room.

You think a life of football is rough on the human body, try a life of gym wars and no holds barred prize fights.

Two Pride FC legends bodies are giving out on them at the same time and Overeem while over in Japan for an UFC Japan Fight Night paid his respects at two hospital bound MMA trailblazers. You know the story of Yoshihiro Takayama and his spinal surgery that left him paralyzed after a pro wrestling accident but now hear the story of four-tie Pride vet Hiromitsu Kanehara.

Here is the official donation page from Yoshihiro Takayama’s family and team titled TAKAYAMANIA


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