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‘Phuket Dreaming’ returns for season 3 & it was worth the wait

‘Phuket Dreaming’ returns for season 3 & it was worth the wait

One of MMA’s GOAT web series has finally made it’s triumphant return. In MMA, Phuket Dreaming was a web series from years past that featured some of the finest bits of film making this sport has ever seen. You have Phuket Dreaming, Kingdom of Mayhem, The Smashing Machine, Miami Hustle, some the early UFC Primetime’s, and that was peak MMA.

All these series or films showed a different side of the sport and presented MMA more like a work of fiction rather than a sporting contest. Phuket Dreaming season one and season two were excellent, and now it’s back for season three.

Check episode one of season three above.

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