Phuket Dreaming episode 7 is here, and it’s full of gore

Man, Genghis Con is good at making entertaining videos. You might just be thinking to yourself, boy howdy, that Genghis Con sure makes good videos, I wonder what he’s been up to since Miami Hustle.

Well he’s in Phuket filming his new series entitled Phuket Dreaming. Which much like Miami Hustle has been incredibly enjoyable. This video though, was the first time I’ve seen something that has left my jaw on the floor. There is this thing in Phuket call the Vegetarian Festival where people will enter a trance like state and perform self mutilation. Even J.Z. Cavalcante participated. It’s absolutely wild.

So fair warning, this video does contain some graphic images, so if you thought cauliflower ear exploding was gross, it may be a good idea to turn this off.

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