Phil Davis rocks the pink vale tudo shorts to a unanimous decision at UFC Fight Night 24

A Somalian shilling’s exchange rate to the dollar is around 1,387.77 SOS per 1 US dollar. That exchange rate was 100% found on the internet, so it has to be true. I think that’s about the same rate judges give takedowns to takedown defense. After the first half of UFC Fight Night 24’s main event was controlled by Lil Nog’s superlative stuffing of Mr Wonderfuls takedowns, Phil Davis adjusted his gameplan and switched to the single leg takedown, successfully riding Lil Nog all the way to a 30-27 victory. Davis has now improved to 5-0 in the UFC and 9-0 all time whilst rocking a pair of pink vale tudo shorts, a fashion statement every single member of approves of. Props Mr Wonderful, you deserve them.

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