Phil Davis believes his wrestling is just better than Rashad Evans

Choosing a name for your pet is a potential minefield. You want something that will not only look really cool on veterinary forms but also a name you won’t be embarrassed to shout in public when your new pet disappears because someone left the door open again. Phil Davis found a solution to this problem back in college when he got a cat which, in a baller move of epic proportions, he named “Mr Wonderful”. Bizarrely, the cat was stolen. I have no idea why someone would steal a cat, since they go wherever they please anyway. To save you from endless cogitation regarding possible reasons for stealing a cat, I’ll let you ruminate on this interview Phil gave to about his upcoming fight with Rashad Evans.

“I think he has pretty good wrestling for MMA, but I guess I’m a little bit kind of a better wrestler, but he’s good in mixing the strikes in Wrestling, so it’s not bad. But I think I’m better.”

Considering Phil has been training MMA for two years and is potentially one fight away from a title shot, I can only conclude that his coach Lloyd Irvin is some kind of wizard or has access to a Hyperbolic Time Chamber, allowing Phil to wear the moniker of his missing cat so well. [Source]

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