Pfft, forget Facebook, watch the UFC 131 prelims right here.

Now those of you who refuse to dabble in forced social interactions in a non offending user interface no longer have to fret over how you will view the UFC 131 prelims, you can watch em right here. While I was experimenting with the Youtube viewer for PS3 I came to the incredibly genius realization that the viewer for the prelims can be embedded anywhere, cool.

So now bask in the incredible and confusingly generous glow of the first live UFC event ever broadcast on The future is now.

Here is what we have in store for tonight’s prelims:

Michihiro Omigawa vs. Darren Elkins

Joey Beltran vs. Aaron Rosa

Dustin Poirier vs. Jason Young

Nick Ring vs. James Head

Krzysztof Soszynski vs. Mike Massenzio

Thanks Zuffa.

*UPDATE: 5:10pm cst

We saw the first half of the first round crystal clear until an ‘off the air’ type title card popped up, since then we have been greeted with LOST like ominous numbers and then a fast forward of Rogan and Goldie talking and later clanging microphones together. I expect their heads to spin around and start projectile vomiting. They don’t.

UPDATE 2. 5:17pm cst

A lonely Octagon. Dimly lit. Silence.

UPDATE 3. We are back. Omigawa on top. Whew.

UPDATE 4. Embedding has been disabled by request, the dream is dead. Now my head is spinning and I’m projectile vomiting. Zuffa didn’t think of what everyone else though of. The thank you is rescinded. Hrmph. If you never press stop you can live this dream for the duration, for the rest of you guys who made it late, be thankful you didn’t have to ride in this emotional rollercoaster.

Now watch the prelims on Youtube, the stream is clearer. Not as clear as MiddleEasy’s stream was though…not by a long shot.


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